Inflatable Structure Design

Inflatable buildings are temporary structures that are perfect for generating creative and visually appealing designs to support public marketing campaigns.

Inflatable structures have many advantages over traditional marquees and can be used for corporate events, product launches, exhibitions, festivals, concerts and parties.

Moreland provides design support for the creation of these innovative installations and utilises our 3D modelling capability to provide an in-depth analysis of the integrity of the proposed structure.

Why Inflatable Structures

A large variety of shapes, to suit individual requirements, can be achieved with inflatable structures.

Lightweight, they are cost effective to transport from location to location and require fewer man hours for install and de-rig.

Depending on the design, they can be inflated in a matter of minutes. Using constant pressure compressors, correct inflation can be ensured throughout the event. If a rapid deflation is required, e.g. due to inclement weather, this can be done safely by cutting the power, with a very progressive deflation maximising safety.

In winter, they may also be warmer due to the insulation provided by the thickness of the air cavity in the walls.

Aerodynamic designs can make them ideal for bad weather or exposed locations

Moreland Approach To Inflatable Building Design

Moreland use our temporary works and engineering experience to design inflatable structures that are structurally sound and tailored to your requirements

As the published guidance on the subject is scarce, we have developed our own methods of analysis. These combine theoretical values for inflated fabric of different shapes with 3D structural modelling.

This approach has also been validated by tests to ensure the results are as close as possible to reality.

Example –To discuss whether your next project can utilise an inflatable structure or building call our team on 01245 364 080 or email