Building Banner Design

Building banner design for high profile construction projects and general advertising purposes is an area in which Moreland has extensive experience.

Fabric building banners are an ideal solution for construction projects or structures in busy or high profile locations.

Effective fabric building banner design will hide the construction process from the public whilst providing a space that can be used to showcase the vision of the development and/or advertise other products or services.

Building Banners For Marketing

Aside from concealing the construction site of the development from the public, fabric banners that cover the entire building can become prime advertising space. Particularly if the development is situated in an area with high volumes of passing traffic such as main roads or adjacent to railway lines.

Developers can use the existing structure as a blank canvas to design building banners that showcase the development during construction. Alternatively, the surface area can be rented to advertising agencies that can display highly visible and iconic designs.

Moreland Approach To Building Banner Design

The fabric for these installations is PVC coated polyester, which Moreland design on behalf of the installer.

Our expertise in providing accurate information for the provision and placement of supports required for the installation. These designs are efficient and satisfy local authority requirements.

Using calculation methods developed in-house, wind loads, tension and support requirements are calculated to ensure that the banner is secure. Moreland can determine the tension in the fabric and the supporting cables, as well as the expected deflections.

This allows for the creation of building banner designs that cover the entire structure rather than just one side or small element whilst remaining fully supported. This increases the available size of the fabric banner and the options available to the developer.

To discuss whether your construction project is suitable for a fabric building banner call our team on or email