BS 5975

Moreland provide temporary works design services and perform Cat III checks in line with the BS5975 Code of Practice.

Our team of highly experienced engineers have experience designing and reviewing temporary works designs on projects large and small.

The types of temporary works projects undertaken include;

Propping, Backpropping, Formwork, Crane positions, Working platforms, Crash deck, Track protection, Hoardings, Tower crane bases, Deep excavations, King pile walls, Sheet pile walls

The History of BS 5975

The importance of temporary works was highlighted by several temporary works failures in the 1960’s and 70’s, notably the failure of falsework at the construction of a bridge over the Loddon River near Reading, which caused the death of 3 men.

This led to the publication of the Bragg report in 1974 followed by the publication of BS5975 in 1982 as the first temporary works guidance in the world. Although this initially focused on formwork BS 5975:2008 considers temporary works and refers to the CDM regulations.

BS 5975 Framework

Temporary Works are defined in BS 5975 as an

“engineered solution used to support or protect an existing structure or permanent works during construction, or to support an item of plant or equipment, or the vertical sides or side slopes of an excavation during construction operations on site or to provide access”

BS 5975 includes all forms of temporary works, from falsework through to excavation works and is split into three sections.

General – the scope of the document and references.

Procedural Control of temporary work – temporary works, including appointment of TWC, control of design and site works.

Falsework – the design, including materials, loads, foundation and ground conditions, design of falsework and site work.

BS 5975 emphasises the importance that temporary works are well managed in addition to being well designed. It also defines the categories and scoped of design checks, of which Moreland are specialists.

For further guidance on temporary works procedures please see a useful reference here

Moreland Approach To BS 5975

Moreland use our extensive experience in implementing temporary works designs compliant with BS 5975 to support our clients with their temporary works design and Cat III checks. We also offer onsite design support during implementation if required/requested.

A recent example of this in practice is our work on the replacement of a footbridge at Paddington railway station – click here for project details

To discuss a temporary works project that requires design support or Cat III checks call 01245 364 080