Gantry Installation – Sutton

Moreland provided the temporary works design of piling mats, crane lifts, pier stability system and bridge load checks for a tandem lift.

These works were part of the project to install a new gantry over a <name> railway.

This project arose from the necessity of installing a pipe bridge over a railway to support heating pipes, parallel and in close proximity to the bridge supporting the A237 in the Hackbridge area.

Beaver Bridges were contracted to supply and install the new gantry, and we provided the design for the necessary temporary works. The pipe bridge was a lightweight steel truss gantry, supported by a steel pier on each side of the tracks. Access and working space near the track was very limited.

Gantry Installation Temporary Works Design

Moreland designed the following temporary works for the project.

  • Piling mat design
  • Crane lift checks
  • Temporary Stability System
  • Bridge load check

Bridge Gantry Temporary Works Design

The main challenges of the project were the proximity of the gantry to the A237 and the limited working space due to the proximity of the live rail environment.

The bases for the piers were piled,  so we designed suitable piling mats.

This also required checking a crane lift from the bridge to get the piling rig delivered onto the piling mats.

Once the piers were in position, they required a temporary stability system, as they were not stable until connection with the gantry at the top. We designed this system, using concrete blocks and ratchet straps to cater for the design wind loads.

Finally, for the gantry installation, a tandem lift with two cranes was to be carried out from the bridge, which we had to check for this load case using the record drawings.

The works were successfully carried out on schedule by Beaver Bridges during a series of line possessions.