Barking Riverside Concrete Ramp Demolition – CAT III Check

CAT III check

The redevelopment of the Barking Riverside area required the demolition of a redundant reinforced concrete ramp. This ramp was connected to a bridge over the railway, and going down between railway lines.

Ensuring its stability throughout the demolition sequence was therefore imperative. Due to the proximity of the railway, we carried out a cat iii check on the Andun Ltd design.

CAT III checks carried out by Moreland included

  • Culvert protection mats
  • Earth pressure on culverts
  • Trench sheets and trench boxes

Barking Demolition - Cat III check

Although much of the work was to be done using plant at ground level working up, the initial disconnection from the bridge was to be carried out by a 15T excavator sitting on the ramp itself.

This necessitated a check of the ramp from existing records.

A complication in the demolition was the presence of culverts running under the ramp, which were to be retained. We therefore had to check the proposal to protect them.

This involved checking the protection mats proposed, both for the loads arising from the plant, and for impact from debris falling.

This also involved a check on the increased earth pressure on the culverts.

Finally, the excavation of existing bases required support to avoid ground movement in the vicinity of rail way lines. We checked the proposed trench sheets and trench boxes.

The check was successful and the demolition was carried out without any issues.